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The ultimate wifi upgrade

I have been procrastinating for a very long time about whether or not to take the plunge and upgrade my office/home wifisetup. The goal of the upgrade is to have complete high speed wifi coverage throughout my house and seamless hand over between access points.



Today I bit the bullet and decided to buy a five pack of Ubiquiti UniFi AC Lite AP and one Ubiquiti TOUGHSwitch TS‑8‑PRO. I could have gone for the Pro or HD access points but for my use case this was overkill.

All Ubiquiti products seem to be the industry GOTO product and we use them at Canonical sprints where we’ve never had a problem. I also purchased 305m spool of cat6 cable and a Platinum Tools EZ-RJPRO Crimp Tool and connectors to make it easier to properly terminate the connections.

UniFi AC Lite AP

UniFi AC Lite AP

All the access points are (POE) Powered Over Ethernet so will not require power points in the ceiling.

This setup does require using Ubiquiti Unifi controller software but thankfully there is a docker image which sets this up and which I can run on my Freenas box.

All this means I should achieve my goal highspeed wifi throughout the house and seamless handover between access points. It will also hopefully mean that I no longer require any ethernet over powerline adapters.

I plan on taking a few pictures of the setup as it progresses as well as performing speed tests.. watch this space.

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