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Migrating away from WordPress… but not really

For as long as I can remember I have hosted this blog on Dreamhost using WordPress. Last year I migrated to their Dreampress service but for the tiny amounts of traffic it wasn’t worth it. Well that and the non stop emails about my wordpress install being vulnerable.

The cost and the hassle are what prompted my move away from this set up. I wanted to start serving a  static blog using something like Hugo, Jekyll, Nikola or Pelican but that meant  importing all my wordpress posts and which I didn’t fancy doing so I settled on using a local install of WordPress (on my Freenas server) and the excellent Simply Static plugin to generate a static site from a WordPress install.

The install of WordPress is only accessible on my network so no more vulerability issues. I get all the benefits of WordPress like Social links and Analytics plugins with the added bonus of a blazing fast static site.

So far I have been very happy with the set up. If you notice any issues pelase let me know @philroche.