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Python command history

Obviously iPython is the bee’s kness when it comes to Python shells but if you don’t have iPython installed then getting command history can be a pain. Not any more 🙂

import readline; print '\n'.join([str(readline.get_history_item(i)) for i in range(readline.get_current_history_length())])

This will print all python commands run during that session.

Also as a gist

If you have iPython installed, it’s as simple as


Android must have apps 2015

After a 4+ year hiatus from blog posting. I’m back 🙂 As a first post back I list my ‘must have’ Android apps for 2015.

  1. Airdroid: For copying files (and a lot more) without a cable
  2. QuickPic – very good gallery app
  3. Here Maps – cool GPS that can be used offline
  4. BaconReader – for reddit
  5. File Commander – File browser
  6. MX Player – video player that plays everything
  7. Podcast Addict – for podcasts
  8. Smart AudioBook Player – for playing and managing audiobooks
  9. Impetus – countdown timer for gym
  10. Stopwatch & timer – very good stopwatch
  11. Smart Voice Recorder – neat audio recorder
  12. – for weather
  13. Nova Launcher – very fast launcher for Android